I have been making things my whole life.

Starting with models & machines & a host of “vital” pre-teen accessories like skateboard decks, bike ramps & tree houses, fashioned in the family basement with a motley collection of old tools.

As a young teenager, I was fortunate to spend a few years under the tutelage of the Danish Mr. Olsen & Scottish Mr. Bass. These 2 masters of their craft taught me to love & respect the material while instilling in me the technique & attention to detail that I continue to practice to this day—in every piece that I make.

As a trained Architect & Art Director, I have spent many years designing & making “big” things… buildings & movie sets, but my interest has always reverted to my first love—woodworking.


The smell, the sound & the feel of wood.

The way, when worked with love & care, it responds in kind, revealing its inner strength & beauty. I appreciate the way it fights back when not treated with respect.

The fact that every 1/2 millimeter is significant—working on a scale that demands meticulous attention to detail.

And I love the smiles of appreciation when I transfer guardianship & hand over my latest “baby” to someone’s care.

My designs are more often than not inspired by a piece of raw material. A piece of wood, a sheet of glass, a rock, an old metal leg.

My vision is to create a piece that honours those materials—a piece that comes to life in a new & exciting way.

While the design starts as a scribble in my sketchbook—a model on my computer—it is in the making that the design comes to life. Making is part of the design process. When I craft a piece with my hands, I leave behind a small piece of me—a part of the soul of the piece.

My pieces are essentially one-offs, not made for mass production.

The repetition of the idea, is, however, part of the art form. The overlapping of ideas is integral to the natural growth of the piece itself. 

Every piece has remembrances from past works & equally so contains echoes to be repeated in future work.

I typically don’t re-build pieces that I’ve already made. Often because each piece comes to life through those very special, one-off materials that gave birth to the idea in the first place.

That being said, many can be re-created precisely —or you might have seen here something you like—so let’s start there & allow me to design & build you a new, original piece, in size and material.

I welcome new custom commissions or variations on existing work.

I don’t make disposable or temporary used furniture. I try to design pieces that people will love and value for generations— timeless, durable heirlooms that will grow even richer with the patina of use and age.

I look forward to creating such a piece for you.
Feel free to get in touch. You can send an email, call or fill in the contact form on the contact page.

I want to be able to work a piece of wood into an object
that contributes something beautiful and useful to everyday life.