Rasp Handle Brian Glaser

The First Thing I Ever Made

This is the first thing I ever made. You might look at it in the pic & wonder “What the … is it?” I found it last year when I was helping my father to sort through some stuff in his garage. I saw it in an […]

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New Life For Two Old Chairs Through Loving Restoration

A friend contacted me saying that her brother had given her two chairs that were in pretty bad shape and could I please take a look at them to see if they could be saved. I must admit that “bad shape” was an understatement. The […]

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dare to dream competition

“Dare to Dream” Custom Furniture

When you think of custom made furniture, you think of design, craftsmanship and lasting quality. You might also think it’s out of your price range. But now you can dare to dream with your very own piece, hand-crafted for you by Brian. From now until […]

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pagoda coffee table

The Pagoda Coffee Table

The pagoda coffee table has 2 central design motivations at its core. Part of the magic & beauty of natural timber is the vast variations in colour and grain within the same species. I really love the way it reveals itself to us as we […]

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ball and claw header

Ball and Claw Easy Chair Restoration

This beautiful ball & claw, ebony & cane-backed easy chair was a typical restoration in many ways. It came to me in one piece but, not due to any particular abuse or trauma, was wobbly & stressed all over! What happens over time it that […]

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piano stool header

A Piano Stool Restoration

This poor piano stool had been really really overworked & had seen much better days. Also, someone had previously done a fix-up hack job on it. I got it barely holding itself together & posing a serious threat to the young pianist that loved it […]

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