How Do You Create Endless Possibilities for Creative Play, Both Indoors and Out?

If there’s one thing that all children love, it’s exploring their environment and learning about what their bodies are capable of as well as their world through climbing and balancing and interacting with their environment. A kids jungle gym provides the perfect opportunity to fill their need to explore.

We have created this completely unique, intelligently designed, versatile kids jungle gym. It’s perfect for climbing, building  and exploration. The beauty of this jungle gym is that it can be used indoors or outside which makes it absolutely perfect for rainy days.

How Does It Work?

Space Frames

The jungle gym is designed around 2 different Space Frames that can be laid on any of their sides. Each time they are, they become something different, creating endless possibilities.

Ladders, Ramps & Slides

To complement the Space Frames, we have created Ladders, Ramps & Slides. They combine with the Space Frames to create literally hundreds of different combinations & configurations.

All the elements have a simple joining system which allows the kids to create their very own environments. The possibilities for creative play are endless.

What makes this so special?

  • It’s the only jungle gym that can be reconfigured by children themselves.
  • It grows with your child. The jungle gym can be set up for little ones just starting to crawl and gradually reconfigured as they grow to provide more possibilities for climbing up and over and under and wiggling through while practicing balance.
  • This system is ideal for developing all of your kid’s motor skills along with the added benefit of developing their social skills as well as they work together to configure it in the way they want to.
  • The jungle gym elements can be used in any combination & can be added to at any time to build it out.
  • All elements made from Solid SA Pine with Traditional Timber Joinery for strength/safety & longevity.
  • All paints, glues & varnishes are water-based, lead free & child safe.

What we have noticed

We have seen that children absolutely love these jungle gyms. They are endlessly entertained by the different combinations and they love exploring the different ways that the elements can be combined. They love creating their own play space. We have seen children play on these for hours on end.

What we recommend

Blue Combo

For children aged 1 – 2 1/2  years old we recommend:

  •  one space frame
  • a short ramp
  • a short slide
  • a small triangle

Normally this combination would be R10,950 but if you buy this combination together, you pay only R9,855.

Green Combo

For children aged 2 –  5 years we recommend:

  • one space frame
  • a long ladder
  • a long ramp
  • a short ramp
  • a long slide
  • a triangle

Normally this combination would be R13,920 but if you buy this combination together, you pay only R12,500.

Red Combo

For children aged 4 – 8 years old we recommend:

  • two space frames
  • a long ladder
  • a short ladder
  • a long slide
  • a long ramp
  • a triangle

Normally this combination would be R21,640 but if you buy this combination together, you can get an extra ladder or ramp for free.

Pick your unique combination & let the fun begin

SPACE FRAME #1         R 7800.00
SPACE FRAME #2        R7800.00

LADDER 1800               R 1140.00
LADDER 1200               R 960.00

RAMP 1800                    R 1340.00
RAMP 1200                    R 1040.00

SLIDE 1800                   R 1520.00
SLIDE 1200                   R 1140.00

TRIANGLE 600            R 1080.00
TRIANGLE 450            R 970.00

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