Reverse Side Leg Table

This is another piece that was born partially with a piece of glass.

I had, years ago, saved these 2 pieces of 4mm Tempered Glass from the debris of an old Kenwood Fridge. I used them for a while as a portable light table for when I needed one for my sketching. I have since bought an electronic one … so these 2 pieces of glass were packed away safely for future reference.

So, I had the glass… I had a reclaimed Teak Beam & I had some stainless steel tubing.

At the time I also wanted to do some in-situ corner joint tests.

Governed by the size of the glass – the length of tubing and amount of timber I had – I came up with this design which would incorporate 4 different corner joints.

Like many of my end/side table sets, these are symmetrically mirrored or a left & right set. Because of this & the many elements, I have to admit that I did cut a joint backward…. meaning I had to adjust the design slightly to accommodate the material.

I think this is a good time to explain something about my process.

Most of my furniture are one-off pieces, however, they can be repeated if required.

But, like in this case (& many others), I used material that can’t be sourced again, though I can use the design & replace it with something else of your choice.

Also, the designs can be adjusted in size, species, finishes, etc to suit your exact needs.

I am really happy with the way this set turned out. I like the delicate geometry, supported by the thinness of the glass & the combination of the stainless steel with the rich teak.

Also, I love the tiny detail of the “Kenwood Tempered” stamp on the glass.

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