The Pagoda Coffee Table

The pagoda coffee table has 2 central design motivations at its core.

  1. Part of the magic & beauty of natural timber is the vast variations in colour and grain within the same species. I really love the way it reveals itself to us as we work & care for it. The way it comes to life and shows us its best face as we do.
  2. The structural integrity, often expressed in a beautiful simplicity, is central to my design code. The structure should enhance the design – not be used to “force” a piece into existence. I can’t then ignore it in the overall design considerations.

The structure, form & aesthetic of this piece is inspired by the Japanese Pagoda, hence the name. I have always been intrigued & fascinated by the intricate delicacy of Japanese woodwork combined with the structural integrity.The fact that some of these structures are built to multi-storey without any mechanical fixings is both stunning and magical. It is a principle that I strive toward in my work.

Notwithstanding these vast variations in colour and grain, with most pieces, I try to pick planks that are matched, or at least to match the elements into specific parts of the project… e.g. matching legs or rails aprons or tops.

Because of this, there is often a plank or 2 left over from each project that has a colour or grain quite different from the rest.

Here I have collected all those pieces with the intention of celebrating this difference.

This piece is entirely made from Philippine Mahogany.

The 3 frames for the base are quite well-matched with a fairly light colour and straight grain, but the remaining planks have a range in colour from grey to light brown, tan, pink and quite a deep reddish hue.

So I arranged the pieces in a symmetrical pattern that accentuates this.

This detail, along with the deep bevel detail on the top and the interlocking structure of the base, combine to give the piece its final look and feel.

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